Learning Experiences and Resources Now

All of us at Clarendon are pleased to announce our new monthly curriculum. We have titled it LEARN (Learning Experiences and Resources Now!) to reflect not only children’s learning in our programs, but also how much we learn from our children and families everyday. The guide is designed to include experiences for mixed ages from infancy to school age and we hope that you will find these ideas helpful and inspiring. Each month we will include an introduction to the topic, several experiences and investigations across curriculum areas, a healthy recipe, resources and a message to families that includes resources as well. The curriculum web we have included provides an overview of suggested learning experiences and how they relate to the Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers and Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences. Be assured that the suggested activities for school age children also reflect best practices and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. The web can be posted in your program and will provide a basis for you to share with families what children are learning through play.

LEARN reflects Clarendon’s philosophy that children learn through positive interactions with caring adults who understand how children develop and provide opportunities for meaningful hands-on learning experiences. Children learn best through activities that engage their senses and need individual support as they explore and discover themselves, others and the world around them in the context of their families and cultures.