Testimonials from Parents and Educators

“I have been a provider for Clarendon since 2005. Over the past 12 years, Clarendon has been such a positive tool in my family daycare business. They have guided me over the years in helping me serve the children in my care the best balanced and nutritional meals. Their staff is very supported and educated in meal planning, nutritional information and training on all the USDA standards and changes that arise over years. Clarendon provides a wide range of trainings each year that are very helpful to me. They also provide great recipes and meal planning ideas. I’m grateful for Clarendon and their staff.”

Kelly Crawford – Family Childcare Educator, Tewksbury

“I just wanted to let you know that I got an unannounced visit from the EEC Licensor today and I got compliance for everything. I was able to do everything very well. I wanted to thank you for assigning Sharline to me because she’s been great. She helped me to get everything up to date and everything in order so I was ready.
She’s the best, she spent so much time with me answering my questions and if she didn’t have the answer we looked for it together. Just helping me with my curriculum and giving me ideas leading me in the right direction. I mean, it’s been great. I’m new to the field so her help has been very, very good. She is awesome. I love her, she’s very professional and organized. Please never reassign me to another monitor.”
Ivette Roman – Family Childcare Educator, Lowell