Comfort Kits for Foster Kids

Imagine the fear, grief and trauma of a child who is suddenly displaced from all they know, their home, their family, their pets, their belongings in the event of abuse, neglect and unsafe or dangerous conditions.  Many children from newborns to teens experience an emergency removal from their home and often this occurs late at night. The Department of Children and Families without the time to gather any or only minimal belongings take them into foster care as emergency placements. Many of our children will experience multiple placements, in some cases as many as four to six foster homes.  Clarendon aims to support the Department of Children and Families by providing Comfort Kits for Foster Kids to children entering our program as emergency placements.

Our Comfort Kits will provide both items needed for daily care and comfort items to help reduce the extreme stress of the emergency placement. The kits can then accompany the child as they transition to another foster care placement or return home. They are designed to meet the needs of different ages and genders.  Contents of Comfort Kits will be contained in durable bags. Depending on age, the kits may include underwear or diapers, socks, sweat pants and t-shirt, toothbrush, soft toy, a book, a cozy blanket, pacifier, crayons and drawing pad.  Seasonally appropriate items like hats and mittens will be included as well.



Children need to know that they are wanted, that they matter, and that they are loved before healing can begin.  Our Comfort Kits will help children to feel safe and will remind them that someone cares.

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